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Website Checklist – Your questions answered

Do they use a solid and manageable platform such as WordPress?
A solid platform with a dedicated and passionate community equates to huge growth opportunities, a relationship with Google and means you can easily manage yourself, giving you complete control and saving you money!

Is the website mobile friendly (responsive)?
With 75% of consumers on mobile and tablet platforms it’s essential that your website is fully responsive across all platforms. As an added incentive Google, adds an extra boost to responsive websites.

Do other companies provide free backups, support and security?
Your website HAS to be backed up daily and protected from brute force attacks and malware. Often, ongoing support is required just so you have peace of mind as your business flourishes.

Is the website hosted locally in Australia? Having a local and secure host gives you complete peace of mind, speed and local support you can rely on.

Does the company provide search engine optimisation and are they Google AdWord certified ?
Having a website is one thing, getting it to work is another. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO will ensure you are found by potential and existing clients each and everytime they do a search for products or services they require. There is no point having a website if you cannot be found!

Can you gather a database from email sign-up boxes?
Building a database ensures you get to build a loyal base of cliental who you can send email marketing or newsletters with offers, promotions or a thank you!

Is the shopping cart part of the WordPress package?
If you need a shopping cart WordPress has a plethora of add-ons such as Woo Commerce so your customers can buy directly from your website securely. This is easily added on at anytime meaning it’s more affordable and you don’t have to have a new website built should you decide to sell products or services later on.

Do you get a Project Proposal and custom design service?
Having a clear and concise Project Proposal allows both parties to be fully transparent on design elements, requirements and the customer’s needs. Being able to sign something ensures a better long term result and commitment from a web company.

Can you create a login or membership portal?
Membership and subscription based services are becoming increasingly popular and a good way of generating residual income.

Can you integrate social media into the website?
Social media is very important and elements need to be connected to your website to ensure synergy, easy access to sharing and Likes and building a loyal community. Google also has a small reward for those who incorporate this correctly. Always a bonus!

Do you receive an automated updating system?
Updates, both large and small, can happen frequently to existing online software. Therefore to keep your website safe an automated system will keep things updated, secure and your website in good nick while you sleep.

Should you wish to add anything on as you grow, is there room for this?
With a strong platform there is infinite potential to easily add on extras either by yourself or with some supported help. A good option for growth down the track.

Google Analytics and search console installed and configured for you?
Monitoring visitors is essential to targeting the correct audience and customers. A must have for that extra Google boost aswell.

Do you have full website and Cpanel access?
Having full control of your business means you need ownership. While you may not know what to do with Cpanel or the back-end of the website having complete access will provide ownership and an exit strategy should you need one.

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