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General Questions

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a stand alone web page created specifically for sales, marketing, or advertising campaigns.

Unlike our Ready-Made websites which typically have numerous goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus goal known as a CTA (Call To Action)

Will you teach me to edit the website/landing page?

Upon the purchase of our Ready-Made Website/Landing Page, I will provide you with a ‘How To’ document.

Please Note: as each person’s learning speeds are different, we cannot guarantee you will completely understand ALL tutorials.  You will need to have at least a basic understanding of how to use a computer in order to get to grips with the customisation process. 

What is a Ready-Made website?

A Ready-Made Website is literally a website that is already setup ready for customisation/use by the end user.  Think of it as a ‘Template’ or an all one solution for anyone who needs a website for their business.   With me, you not only get a Ready-made Website but a holistic package that includes 1-year FREE hosting, FREE email, security and quality support.

What platform do you design on?

All of our Ready-Made Websites/Landing Pages are built on WordPress.  We researched the marketplace and found that WordPress offer some amazing versatility in addition to great scalability

I am not good with DIY, Can you help me?

ABSOLUTELY!  We will gladly install, setup and customise your Ready-Made Website/Landing Page for you.

Customisation starts at $200+gst. 

Once payment has been made, we just need you to provide us with all the text and high-res images that you would like us to use on your Ready-Made Website/landing page.  If you have no images, don’t worry.  You just need to tell us the type of images you would like and we will use high-res royalty-free images for you Ready-Made Website/Landing Page.

What's the difference between Installation & Customisation?

After you purchase your Ready-Made Website/Landing Page, you have 2 options:

1. DIY (Do It Yourself)

2. Get Professional Help

If you decide the DIY option, we provide you with the documentation that will help you out with customising the Ready-Made Website/Landing Page.

Customisation is changing the images colours and text on your Ready-Made Website/Landing Page.  However, before that, we will first have to install the Ready-Made Website/Landing Page for you so that your domain, hosting, SSL Certificate and all other related technical details.

Should you opt to get professional help, for an additional costing we will customise the Ready-Made Website/Landing Page for you ie change the colours, text and images for you so that these all match your branding style.