Who am I?

My name is Tania,  I am WordPress Design Consultant for Small Business Owners.  Whether you’re a coach, a consultant, a designer, a copywriter, a photographer, a wedding planner or an online retail business, I can help clarify your marketing message so your customer’s are compelled to stop and listen.

I love adventures with the family and when i’m not working with clients, I love travelling to places within QLD and Northern NSW so far.  We bought our very first 4WD just before Christmas 2019 and have been gifted a camper trailer thanks to our beautiful friends who’ve upgraded to a caravan.  

I live North Brisbane with my Partner in crime Troy and our 2 beautiful children Ethan 8 and Eloise 1.  Troy also helps behind the scenes with website hosting and some website support like CSS / PHP as he’s a Network Engineer and has a better understanding of this area than I do and we work well as a team.

Tania - Web Design Consultant

Fun Facts

  • I am a caffeine addict – first things first in the morning coffee
  • I am a Frenchie lover yet to own one as we have two failed foster doggies Abbie and Louie
  • On any given day, I am called mum, entrepreneur, cook, driver, cleaner, entertainer, teacher and friend.  Probably a bit like yourself, really.
  • My favorite Australian animal would have to be Hairy Nosed Wombat, I use to want one as little girl.
  • I have been overseas just the once to America, we visited Disneyland, Las Vegas but surprisingly my favorite place would have to be San Francisco I tried to miss our flight so we could stay longer – didn’t work Troy was onto me lol
  • My favorite time of the year is Spring as I hate feeling too hot (I know I live in QLD go figure) and hate feeling too cold.  I wear thermals in winter – just saying.
  • I have a certification in Pathology but not using this as I am more of a creative person however I am studying currently a Business Degree 😉

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